Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop

CategoryEscape Room
Status Closed nowOpens at 13:00 today
Duration: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6

This bonkers escape room game takes place within secret rooms of The Depot pub in Islington, guaranteed to provide you and your team with a whole lot of fun and silliness as you take on the 60 minute challenge of the twisted toy-maker Poppa Plock.

Guided by Oki, the outrageous ventriloquist dummy, your team must complete Plock’s penultimate creation by taking on the crazy clues, contraptions and characters within.

Our latest game promises to plunge players into a bizarre new realm of comedic clues and immersive theatre.

Your host, Wynne, holds the key to Poppa Plock’s workshop, filled with twisted toys and crazy contraptions, rigged for your pleasure.

Your team will be tasked to build ‘Roy’, the finest toy to ever walk the earth. Discover the mysterious disappearance of the toy maker and choose the path of right, or the path of oh so very wrong.

This game is for adults of 18 and over, as it does contain bizarre moments that could drive weaker minds into madness.

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    Matt Submission Apr 06, 2019

    Difficult but still very fun, and satisfying!

    Quite high production value and a fairly large space to explore. The character actor/host was a nice touch and very interactive. Was fun in the end but started off quite hard and we got quite stuck for a while. It got better as it went on but some of the puzzles were really tricky, especially as it was hard to hear some of the clues. We finished it 59 minutes and 57 seconds apparently, and we were one of the better teams in recent times to do it, despite us feeling like we'd pretty much failed it. All in all pretty good but not as good as Lady Chastity’s Reserve (they're the same company).

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