VR Escape Rooms

Status Closed nowOpens at 15:00 tomorrow
Duration: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6

Challenge the origin of your reality

We have 14 VR Headsets at our venue and dozens of truly Unique Virtual Reality Experiences that will make you question what is real and what is not. Book your Virtual Journey and explore the unimaginable world of the Immersive Entertainment together.

We have 3 different VR Escape rooms at our venue: Cold as Ice, The Mine and Alice in Wonderland. All 3 are suitable for groups up to 6 people. Alice in Wonderland is more suitable for our younger customers while the other two would be more appropriate for 14+.


  • Cold as Ice

    2-6 Players

    Unveil the mysteries behind this butcher shop in a team of up to six players!

  • The Mine

    2-6 Players

    Escape the Creepy Mine! You found an old corridor that descends into the depths of a mine, but a landslide trapped you inside. You will have exactly 1 hour to solve the mystery and run away before you run out of oxygen

  • Alice in Wonderland

    2-6 Players

    Team-based VR adventure for 2-6 players. Fallen through a rabbit hole, you will find yourselves in a fantasy world full of family-friendly puzzles and challenges.


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